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About Us

A business started in the mid 2000's, reclaimed wood was just a thing in the past.  Our vision for starting this business was to base our work on keeping the integrity, uniqueness, and history that old wood has to offer.  We wanted to preserve history in a modern way, and many years later, we are still doing so.

Here at Wood Stock, we believe reusing these pieces from rare, old growth trees brings incredible beauty and character to your living space. Imagine having a fireplace mantel from a barn that had seen the Civil War. Or the American Revolutionary War. Or having ceiling beams made of celebrated American hardwood tree species like Beech or Chestnut, now nearly extinct.

Big box home improvement centers, eat your heart out.

Reusing these pieces also lessens pressure to harvest from living forests. These forests already work to sequester carbon and clean our air and water. If we can keep living trees alive and working while providing you with great flooring, or the perfect front door to your home, we see this as a win-win.

Woodstock Wood.jpg

Meet the man behind it all!  The hardworking owner of Wood Stock From The Past is this gentleman to the left, Todd Bartholomew.   He is the creative mind behind the beautiful masterpieces that Wood Stock builds.  Always by his side is his loyal companion, Smudge.  Think of him as the business mascot!  

Todd spends countless hours trying to make this business the best it can be.  Good things don't come easy, & hard work is a MUST in this field of work.  Being a one-man company has its challenges, but Todd always pulls through with a smile.  He cares deeply for others, and is the kind of soul who goes out of his way to make sure everyone else is happy.  He puts that same drive into his business, by always putting his customers first.  If you have a vision for something for your home, Todd will try his best to make that a reality.  Supporting a local business like Wood Stock From The Past not only helps out a small-business man, but also the environment.

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